The 3rd installment of the Who, What, Where, Why, How series. Disney Animation story artists attempt to answer the question...Where is Dead Zero??

Contrubuting artists: Kevin Nelson, John Musker Don Dougherty, Ron Clements, Leo Matsuda, Marc Smith, Normand Lemay, Brian Kessinger, Dave Pimentel, Lissa Treiman, Kevin Harkey, Jed Diffenderfer, Blaise Hemmingway, Fawn Veerasunthorn, Jeff Ranjo, Jeremy Spears, Nancy Kruse

Pin Ups by: Scott Watanabe, Brittany Lee, Claire Keane, Mac George, Victoria Ying & Mike Yamada, Sue C. Nichols, Michael LaBash, Jeremy Spears

Cover art by Paul Felix
Back cover art by Andy Harkness